UA Startup Acquired In $35 Million Deal



The University of Arizona startup SinfoníaRx was acquired by New Jersey-based company Tabula Rasa for $35 million earlier this month. The company came out of UA as a startup company in 2013, but its beginnings can be traced back more than a decade.

Kevin Boesen, PharmD, founder and president of SinfoníaRx, established the Medication Management Center at UA in 2006, which worked to provide medication therapy management (also known as MTM) for doctors and patients. MTM is an umbrella term for services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for patients; this can include efforts to prevent potentially negative interactions between drugs.

“In 2013, after using that experience to develop a scalable technology platform, we made the decision to spin out of the UA and changed our name to SinfoníaRx,” Boesen said in a conference call regarding the acquisition, hosted by Tabula Rasa Healthcare.