Billions In Business Pass Through Arizona Ports


NOGALES, Ariz (KGUN9-TV) – The ports of entry on the Arizona Border mean jobs and money for the U.S. and Mexico.  The University of Arizona says in 2016 Mexico sent $18.3 billion in exports through all Arizona ports, and U.S. Companies sold $11.9 billion dollars in goods to Mexico.            Moving legal commerce through the ports, and stopping efforts to smuggle illegal items is the work of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Millions of tons of Mexican produce pass through packing houses in Nogales.          Before they do, they come through the Nogales Mariposa Port of Entry.          Summer is the slack time here but it still gives a glimpse of the river of trucks that flows through the lanes.          The Mariposa port tested a cooperative program between the U.S. And Mexico that helps Customs inspectors from both countries work together for speed and efficiency.  It been so successful it’s spreading to other border ports.          The program lets inspectors know in advance what fees should be charged and what’s supposed to be on each truck.          Officers also know how to find what’s not supposed to be on the trucks.