AZ Community Goes 80% Off-Grid



The Jasper community will not be wholly-independent of the Arizona Public Service grid, but developers told PV Magazine that it will supply up to 80% of its own energy and will use otherwise-wasted baseload generation from the Palo Verde nuclear plant when demand is low, from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. each morning.

Sonnen Director of Business Development Olaf Lohr told the magazine that the development would be an overall benefit to APS’ grid, helping to address load curves. In addition to taking power from the nuclear plant, Jasper will soak up excess solar production during midday hours when demand is low.

Dave Everson, CEO and founder of Mandalay Homes, said in a statement that a “true renewable energy future is not possible for our society, or for any society, without the deployment of distributed energy storage resources that properly manage clean energy production, storage, grid usage and home energy demand.”


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