Arizona Commerce Authority Launches Next Five-year Business Plan



The Arizona Commerce Authority has launched its next five-year business plan following a vote of approval by the ACA Board of Directors. The plan, titled “Leveraging Next-Gen Trends to Grow Arizona’s Economy,” outlines five aggressive new goals for the organization:

Job creation: Lead efforts to create 80,000 projected new jobs with a focus on high-wage target industries.

Wage growth: Increase the average wage of the jobs created to 150 percent of the state’s 2017 median average.

Capital investment: Attract $7 billion in capital investment to Arizona.

Increased exports: Expand export revenues across target industries by 25 percent.

Entrepreneurial vitality: Elevate Arizona to a top-five state as measured by entrepreneurial density, funding and connectivity.

The ACA is building upon its first five-year plan by adding the two new goals for growing exports and enhancing entrepreneurial vitality—both important factors in strengthening Arizona’s economy. The plan also places a strong emphasis on 10 next-gen technology trends in areas where Arizona is well-positioned to establish a leadership role.

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